2 March 2011

Volume 3
Naumai e te whanau o te kura Muritai
Tena koutou katoa

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

A big welcome to our new students Ana Zuijderwijk, Ted Woolley
 and Oliver Sliper in and our new students from Christchurch who have joined Muritai - Oliver Jones, Oliver and Riley Day, Maddison Phipps and Sophie Brown, Olivia and Logan Edwards, Genevieve Henstock, Jonty and Tamsin Mills.

Our children did superbly yesterday as we marked the nationwide two minute silence to recognise last Tuesday's Christchurch earthquake. William Parr, a year 5 student in Mrs. Allen's class wrote the most beautiful poem...

Christchurch earthquake
The shaking earth was followed by a blackening silence
Flaming billows of smoke cloud the suffocating air
Sooty smoke slips through cracks like magma
Destruction all around me with houses torn like paper
People shriek as buildings fall around them
I feel angry with the earth

Our emergency management procedures are detailed and robust, but we are currently revisiting our processes to ensure we are best prepared to cope. Should a significant event occur the school will ensure that -
  • Students will be instructed to stay at school
  • The school will begin contacting parents/caregivers with a priority given to those parents/caregivers who are known to work out of the Eastbourne area. The school has the facility to text parents, as well as inform parents by email. The message will contain information around collecting children from school as soon as conditions allow by reporting to the school office. Parents will be informed that students are accounted for and are currently being looked after by school staff.
  • School emergency food supplies will be used if needed.
  • School facilities will be used to house and care for students.
  • Staff will stay with all students who are not able to be placed in the care of the parent/caregiver or family emergency contact.
This Friday 4th March the school has organised a 'RED and BLACK' day as part of our efforts to help those in Christchurch after last weeks devastating earthquake. The idea is for students to come to school on Friday wearing red and black as way to show our support for those affected by the earthquake. It would be greatly appreciated if your child could also bring a monetary donation. There is no set amount to the donation .... To make the day a little more exciting for the children we have planned a staff vs a Mr Bird's X1 football game at to be held on the school field at lunchtime followed by a special assembly where we hope to take a whole school photo of all the staff and students dressed in red and black!

The events in Christchurch provide challenges for us as parents/caregivers for our children. The constantly updated information through the media is useful for us adults to keep abreast of events but does provide challenges for our children as they are exposed to the power of nature and the destruction that can occur. But the best gift you can offer children is understanding and as a country we are showing already what we are really made of and it is important that not just model empathy but also optimism and as we go forward we know that things will change and by working together the effected areas of Christchurch will be rebuilt.

Red and Black Sock Dudes - Raffle

Karen Chao, our Room 1 teacher, has made a special duo of her "sock dudes". These sock dudes are to be raffled, with each ticket costing $1. All money raised will be added to donations received from children and parents from our Red and Black day. If you would like to buy tickets, these will be available in the office from this afternoon.

There is some confusion around children before school and after school.  The school operates a Before School and After School programme.  Before School Care opens at 7.30 and runs through to 8.40.  After School Care operates from bell time through to 6.00.  Recently we have been aware that some children have been arriving at school between 7.30 and 8.00 while some children have been staying after school for long periods.  This is not satisfactory, especially when the school offer these care facilities to provide supervision.  We strongly recommend that children do not arrive before 8.15 in the morning at the EARLIEST.  Teachers are preparing for the day and constantly involved in short meetings to ensure the day operates smoothly.

After school is quite a social event at Muritai with many parents catching up with each other and children playing on our wonderful playground. At some stage children do need to go home though, drop off their bags, have some food and refresh the batteries. Families are most welcome to stay but all children should be supervised by their parents/caregivers in the playground. It is preferable if families have moved on by 3.30. Skateboards, rip-sticks, scooters and bikes are not to be used until after 3.30. All other children should go home straight after school and report in with their parents. It is our string preference that children do not return to school until after 4.15 to play. The school provides a valuable play space in Eastbourne but our staff are not actively supervising children, who are not in after school care.

So in summary, if your child is not in before / after school care then -
  • Children should not be at school before 8.15
  • Supervised children can stay in the playground after school until 3.30 with their parents/caregivers
  • All other children must go home
  • No 'wheels' in the playground until after 3.30
  • Children are welcome to return to school to play, with their parent/caregivers permission after 4.15
This year our school photos will look very different.  We are using Sue Allman, a local photographer and parent of the school, to take classroom and individual photos.  A pack will be coming home very shortly which needs to be completed and returned to the school office, with payment, by Tuesday 15 March.  Photos will be taken on 21, 22 and 23 March and 28, 29, and 30 March.  The packs and different types of photos available will be on display int he office from today.

A little bit about Sue Allman:  "My black and white children's portraits are contemporary images that capture a child's natural expressions, allowing their spirit and personality to shine through.  As the fashion and beauty editor of a leading London magazine, the key part of my job was to style and art direct beautiful photographs.  Over the same ten year period I became very interested in travel photography and had my work published regularly.  When I became a mum it seemed natural that I should combine my skills and indule myself in taking photos of my kids to document their progress.  The results inspired the many commissions which led me to create sueallmanpeople.

Rippa rugby
Congratulations to our year 3 rippa rugby team who performed so ably last week at their tournament. Many children played for the first time but their enthusiasm was wonderful. Mr. Skilton

Our year 5-6 team play Waterloo School in a 20/20 game tomorrow starting at around 12.00 at Muritai School. Our year 7-8 team play St Bernard's College in the Milo Cup at St. Bernard's. Good luck teams.

Touch rugby
Our 5 teams made a strong start to the season last Friday. Keep up the big effort teams! Mr. Hull

Year 3-4 Swim sports
Next Tuesday (8th March) is the Year 3 and 4 swimming sports at Eastbourne Pool. The event will get underway at 9.30am and should be concluded by mid-day, if not earlier. You are most welcome to attend and support your child in their chosen events.

Year 5-6 camp
Next Tuesday our year 5-6 team are heading to Otaki for the week to participate in their annual camp at Forest lakes. Mr. Devenport and the team have put a huge effort to put this together and appreciate the support of parents to make the camp possible. I am sure each child will enjoy the companionship of their peers as well as be challenged in many different ways by this opportunity.

Entertainment Books are coming to Muritai School!

Muritai School is pleased to be offering the new edition of the Entertainment book to parents as part of our fundraising campaign for this year. Entertainment Books contain hundreds of 25-50% off and two-for-one offers from popular restaurants, cinemas, hotels, the arts, and leisure activities. There truly is something for everyone with high value offers from Logan Brown, Boulcott St Bistro, Charlie Bill Fine Food Bistro, St John’s Heineken Hotel, Capri Bar and Eatery, Wagamama, Ernesto, La Bella Italia, St Pierre’s Sushi, Sky Village Cinemas, The Hurricanes, Wellington Phoenix, Zealandia, Avis, Hamilton Island……….and many more!

The new and exciting Wellington Entertainment Book is only $60 and the sale of each book will raise $12 for the school and contribute much needed funds to our fundraising targets for this year.

The books can be pre-ordered now. All Payments made before March 12th will receive over $160 of Bonus Offers which are valid straight away!!! For more information or to order your book contact the school office.

February 24, 2011

Volume 2

Naumai e te whanau o te kura Muritai
Tena koutou katoa

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Firstly our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch in respect to Tuesday's tragic earthquake. This is an amazing event in our nations history and we pass on our sympathies to those who have experienced tragedy as a result of the earthquake. It is very difficult to help Christchurch at this stage, obviously we can open our wallets and donate money to various causes, but one thing that we can do at Muritai at this stage is open our school up for children from Christchurch to attend in the short-term. Schools in Christchurch are currently closed, with many expected to be closed for an indefinite period of time.

Muritai has space available to take children whose families choose to leave Christchurch in the short-term and spend some time with family in Eastbourne while services in Christchurch are down. Please let me know if your friends and family need to take up this option - I have had 3 enquiries already!

Welcome to our new children Cameron Bentley (R2), Jack Kreyl-Moore (R2) and Bayden Moors (R14) who have started at Muritai recently .

Thank you all for your support in what has been a very smooth start to the year. Staff appreciated the meet the teacher interviews and enjoyed learning about your children. If you were not able to make an appointment please feel free to email your class teacher and catch up soon. Information sharing just helps the home-school partnership develop and allows teachers to build a picture of the children in their class.

Many of the children are over their initial anxieties about the beginning of the year. There are big changes for many from last year and they are to be admired for their courage and thank you as well at nurturing them through what can often be a difficult time - for them and for you as a parent. It is all part of 'standing tall' - our theme for the year - but they are growing up all the time and challenges will come up on a daily basis. Best thing is to look the challenge in the eye and tackle it. I always have liked Dr Seuss best effort on tackling something tricky...

I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!
Dr. Seuss

Liam Brandwood and Hazel Sisson
At our powhiri in the first week we welcomed new students and staff to the school. Our kapa haka group were superb for a first up effort. It was also a chance to introduce our school leaders for this year. Our school captains are Hazel Sisson and Liam Brandwood. Hazel and Liam have a long history of making a strong contribution and providing mature leadership at Muritai. Both are well respected by staff and their peers and they will do well in this role.

Hazel and Lia
m are also part of the school council comprising Thomas Fraser, Clara Lafont, Meg Sykes, Casper Tilley, Molly Hancock and Mcleod Harrison.
School Council

We have some amazingly talented individuals who are continually promoting and displaying leadership qualities. Everyone has the potential to be a leader, whether they are leading by example, role modelling, are sports captains, working in the main school, providing encouragement or by being given the opportunity to take on any role of responsibility on request. Leadership doesn’t always come with a title.

 The prestigious house captains role this year are:
King –Tess McFarlane and Troix Kokich,
Sanson – Abby Barclay, Robbie
Charters – Mykala Sinclair, Sergio
Cook - Harrison Swift, Sam Mitchell

Under the Education Act 1989, parents are legally obliged to enrol their children in school from the age of 6 to 16, and to ensure that their children attend school every day the school is open for instruction, unless there is a justifiable reason for their absence (eg illness, family bereavement).  It is an offence if parents refuse or fail to do so.

Please note that if your child is going to be away from school for any reason other than medical or appointments then you need written permission from the Principal.  Absences are recorded, coded and annually audited by the Ministry.  If you have not got permission for a justified absence it will be recorded as truancy.  Just notify me in writing outlining the reason for the absence and if valud we can action the documentation.  School Board of Trustees are legally required to take all reasonable steps to ensure enrolled students attend school every day, unless there is a justifiable reason for their absence.

Our Back to School Barbeque was a great success this year - especially as the weather was kind to us. The past two years has seen our plans rained off so it was wonderful to be able to hold the barbeque as planned. A big thank you to the Board of Trustees who cooked the sausages and to all the families who came and enjoyed the evening.

As part of our swim professional development training for staff we have secured the service of Swim NZ coaches for the first few weeks of swimming. This means that the children have access to some pretty special coaching to help them on their way for 2011. We are all finding this to be very beneficial to our swimming programme.

This year, as part of our standing tall theme, and to boost leadership opportunities in year 5 and 6 we are undertaking peer mediation training through the Cools School programme. Led by Matt Skilton and Stu Devenport, the year 5-6 students and the staff have started their training. It is aimed at not just empowering our children by teaching them skills and processes to resolve conflict peacefully, but also create a better awareness in our children about the consequences of their actions and the way that they behave. You can read more about the programme, run by the Peace Foundation by clicking here.

We have just become New Zealand's first dyslexia friendly school. Last year we were audited by 4D, NZ's dyslexia organisation, and we have just received confirmation that we are the first school in New Zealand to meet the criteria for their high standards of dyslexia friendly education. We are very proud of this and it has been a lot of work. Our lead teacher, Sarah Richardson, has been working with staff over the last couple of years and we have based our staff professional learning on presenting learning opportunities in a variety of ways. A premise is that if we get things right for children with dyslexia, we get it right for all children. An example of our focus is shown though our emphasis this term on mind mapping as a tool to construct or collate our thoughts - all part of presenting information in a different way. You may be interested in the work Sarah has been doing in the Learning Den. Click on her blog - it tracks our journey as well as providing many resources to help our children/ families.

We are gearing up for the next season of Touch Rugby which starts tomorrow. Children who are interested in playing have been asked to complete a form and pay the fee of $15. We are missing some of our sports uniforms. We have enough to cover but please check your children's rooms for sports uniforms - green or white polo shirts, blue shorts, green netball skirts - and return them to the school as soon as possible.

Scots College Hands-On Open Afternoon
Year 8 students who might be interested in attending Scots College in 2012 are invited to a "Hands-On Open Afternoon. The date for the Open Afternoon is Friday 11 March 2011 commencing at 12.30pm and finishing at 2.15pm. Transport to and from the College will be arranged and all boys will be provided with lunch. Please let Stephen Eames know if you would like your son to attend.



Thurs 24th -
Y5-6 Camp Parent helpers meeting
Fri 25th -
Year 3-4 at Days Bay

Fri 4th -
Assembly 1.40pm
Tue 8th -
Y5-6 to Forest Lakes camp
Year 3-4 swim sports at Eastbourne pool
Year 7-8 zone swim sports
Year 1 to Pataka museum
Wed 9th -
Year 2 to Pataka museum
Fri 11th -
Swimming finishes
Tues 15th -
Year 7-8 Shakespeare at Wellesley
Wed 16th -
Year 1-2 at Capital E
Starting school at 5 7.00pm /
Tues 22nd -
Year 4-6 Zone swimming
Fri 25th -
Assembly 1.40

Tues 5th
BoT mtg – 7.00 staffroom
Wed 6th
Year 5-6 Inter-zone swimming
Fri 8th
Year 7-8 Literacy Quiz
Mon 11th -
Y5-8 Swim sports
Fri 15th
Assembly 1.40
Last day of term 1

Mon 2nd
First day of term


Eastbourne Rugby
The Eastbourne RFC junior registration day is Thursday, 24 February, at the ERFC Clubrooms, HW Shortt Park (The Rec), from 5.00-7.30pm. One (and maybe two) of the Hurricanes will be helping out at our registration, so bring your jerseys, t-shirts, etc with you to get signed. It would be fantastic if you could also bring along your mates who haven't played rugby before - RWC year is a great year to try rugby. Every child who registers gets a free ball.

This year we will be having a 'boot swap' on registration day. If your boots from last year are too small (or you have other pairs of boots lying around the house that the family no longer needs), bring them along to registration and swap them for a pair of boots for the 2011 season.

Athletics at Newtown Park

A elite athletics meet will take place at Newtown Park in Wellington this Saturday 26 February to raise money for the Salvation Army’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Elite athletes that were scheduled to run in the now-postponed International Track Meet in Christchurch have confirmed they will take part in the event, including United States’ top miler Alan Webb, Britain's Lee Emanuel, sub-4 milers Will Leer and Brandon Bethke and Willis himself.

The event will commence at 5pm with the presentation of Nick Willis’ silver Olympic medal – the first and only time an Olympic medal has been presented in New Zealand.

Staglands - Kids free entry this Children's Day - Sunday 6th March
Children’s Day is about having fun with your kids and so this Sunday 6th March we’re letting all kids in for free. Reward your wee ones with a trip to Staglands and tell all your friends and family too! A child must be accompanied by a paying adult.

There is a basketball league which is run out of the Walter Nash Stadium with year groups shown below. The school does not have official basketball teams, however, parents have in the past organised and run a team themselves. Wendy Manson is currently taking a team of Year 7/8 students. If you are interested in putting a team together, please contact Wendy Manson on 562 8287 for more information.

Y3/4 Monday 3.30pm – 6pm
Y1/2 Tuesday 3.30pm – 5.00pm
Y5/6 Thursday 4pm – 6pm
Y7/8 Wednesday 4pm – 6pm

Swiss Ball Classes
Days & evenings (Eastbourne soccer club rooms). Lynne Plimmer 562 8889 or http://www.sustainablefitness.net/

Plunket Appeal Week, 7-14 March 2011-02-10
Do you have or have had a Plunket baby? Have you reaped the benefits of our wonderful nurse and have you and your children enjoyed the friendships that come from the PIN groups? Our main fundraising event is coming up very soon. We are looking for some wonderful volunteers to help us with our collecting during the Appeal Week. We also need more co-ordinators to ensure that we have everywhere in Eastbourne covered. The money that is collected will remain for the use of the Eastbourne Plunket Branch and thus benefit all the pre-school children in Eastbourne. Obviously many hands make light work, so the more volunteers we have the better. We will be holding a wine and nibbles get together on 17th February at the Plunket rooms from 7.30pm for all those who would be interested in helping.

If you can’t help out, please look out for our collectors during the Appeal week and give generously. Please give Michelle a call if you can help on 04 562 8877.

Kia koutou katoa e mahi nei te whakanui I te mana o te kura Muritai

(Thanks you all for helping us to enhance the prestige of Muritai School)

E noho ra

Andrew Bird

February 2, 2011

Dear Parents / Caregivers

Welcome to everyone who will be associated with the school for 2011. A special welcome to new children and families joining the Muritai family for the first time The school opened today with a roll of 392. It is anticipated that the roll will climb to 435 by the end of the year as new entrants join the junior classes.

At Muritai we promote a happy environment where our values reflect quality citizenship, achievement, responsibility and effort. Our focus centres on high expectations, academic standards and the delivery of quality teaching and learning programmes. The children will experience a wide range of extra curricula and sporting opportunities, rich in challenge and fun and varied learning experiences. We promote the realization of individual potential through the theme “to be the best that we can be”.

Towards the end of last year the school hosted the Education Review Office as part of the triennial school audit process. ERO, in their reportng to the Board of Trustees were hugely impressed with Muritai and have consequently issued a glowing review of the school. As a teaching team we are very proud of this result, it reflects a lot of hard work and in my view it reflects strongly on what is a very stable, secure educational platform at Muritai School. ERO has issued a return date of 4-5 years, which places us amongst the 'top' 10% of primary schools across NZ.

ERO summary

Muritai School is a primary school that provides education for students in Years 1 to 8 in the Eastbourne area of Wellington. Strong leadership and low staff turnover have contributed to a useful period of consolidation since ERO’s 2007 review.

Significant developments include reviewing the school’s curriculum to reflect The New Zealand Curriculum and developing an assessment and reporting framework that aligns with the National Standards. Good progress has been made with building school-wide knowledge and understanding of te reo me ngā tikanga Māori. A policy and specific interventions for students who are dyslexic have also been implemented. The school is a Green Gold Enviro-School, demonstrating its commitment to environmental learning and action.

The school has a clearly articulated focus on student achievement and most students, including Māori achieve at or above national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics. Targets for these subjects are based on information from previous years and data collated in term 1.

Students’ progress is carefully tracked throughout the year. High quality collation and analysis of assessment information contributes to evidence-based decision-making about allocation of resources to improve achievement. Appropriate actions and interventions are in place to address identified individual learning needs and improve outcomes for students.

Management of the school is an area of strength. The principal and senior leaders work effectively as a team and demonstrate a commitment to the school’s strategic direction. They implement a distributed leadership model, comprising four senior teachers who are responsible for the quality of teaching and learning in their designated year level teams. Engagement of families and whānau in the life of the school is well supported.

Students are highly engaged in learning, in a well-resourced and safe environment. The positive school tone is characterized by mutually respectful interactions among students and staff. Teachers use effective strategies to actively involve students in their own learning, including the use of information and communication technologies. They set high expectations and work with students to develop class and individual goals. Learning programmes include a range of activities that provide for different levels of attainment. Students receive regular feedback on their progress and next steps for learning.

In the course of their self review, school leaders have recognised the need to continue to develop aspects of reporting, assessment moderation, provision for gifted and talented students and consistent integration of te ao Māori into the school’s curriculum. ERO’s external evaluation affirms these objectives.
Future Action

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.

Parents and friends of the school can view the full report by clicking here.

Over the next few weeks, parents will be given opportunities to involve themselves in the school’s activities. The term diary at the bottom o the newsletter lists the important activities to be held throughout the term. For example, next Wednesday the 9th of February, the school invites the community to a family picnic commencing at 5.00pm and concluding at around 7.00pm. This event provides a chance to catch up with the school community in a relaxing, fun environment. Bring all the family as well as your picnic and a rug. Sausages will be $2 each.

Term dates for 2011
Term 1 – Wednesday 2nd February to Friday 15th April
Term 2 – Monday 2nd May to Friday 15th July
Term 3 – Monday 1st August to Friday 7th October
Term 4 – Monday 25th October to Friday 16th December

A reminder that over Queen's Birthday weekend there will be a 'Teacher Only' professional development day on Friday 3rd June. This allows families to plan a 'longer' weekend if they wish.

During 2011 parents will receive regular newsletters outlining the happenings in the school, listing the important events that are coming up and celebrating the successes of the children. Newsletters are e-mailed to parents every two weeks on a Wednesday (except for short weeks). Please be sure we have your up-dated e-mail address. Some people prefer a hard copy - just let Sue in the office know if you would like a paper version.

The school’s website www.muritai.school.nz also provides access to the newsletters and other items of interest. Teachers, through their class blogs, use the website to share the activities of the classrooms and school-wide events. Please note the website is the school’s main communication line to the community and we urge all parents to be regular visitors to it to gain the important information about the events of the school.

It was a pleasure to welcome your children back today, and see their happiness and enthusiasm for their school.

We have 22 new students beginning at Muritai today. A big welcome to our new students and their families ~
Year 1~ Christopher Wray, Dylan Mitchell, Matthew Cowley, Olivia Ogilvy, Emmylou Nickel, Logan Lewis, Frances Penny, Rebecca Blacker, Merlinde Mooij, Jacob Barnard,
Year 2~ Ryan Mahoney, Lachlan McFarlane, Finn Morley
Year 3~ Kai Ferrier, Charlotte McFarlane
Year 4~ Max Hahn
Year 5~ Liam Mahoney, Liam Ferrier, Charlotte Wilson
Year 7~ Jack Wellwood, Elspeth Morley, Rose Scott-Billing

We welcome our new teaching staff to Muritai ~ Melissa Coton (Y5), Pippa Grant (Y3), and to Abby Wilton who joins our student support team.

This year the whole school theme is focusing on an overall concept of ‘Resilience' or 'Standing Tall'. All units of work will reflect back into the concept of how we can make a difference, how we can influence the world today and what change is necessary as we head for the future. This fits nicely in with the curriculum – technology, health, science and social studies and, specifically our attitudes to standing up for ourselves and others.

There we will be a meet the teacher TOMORROW where parents share information about their child. Parent/teacher partnerships are vital for the success of our children so we do invite parents, who feel that it is necessary to discuss issues or share information with their class teacher click on www.schoolinterviews.co.nz. and enter the code Y9VQ4 to make an appointment.  Alternatively, contact Sue or Carole in the office.

It is important that parents know they are able to meet formally with teachers to discuss children’s progress or other issues at any stage throughout the year but please contact the teacher first.

Our school lunch system is on Monday and Friday. Please place the order in the box provided. These start this Friday.  A new menu/price list is included with this newsletter

A reminder that children should be at school when the first bell goes at 8:40. This bell tells the children to head to class as learning will shortly commence. School begins at 8:50.
The bell will ring at 2:40 which indicates to teachers and children that school will shortly finish and that things need to be tidied up in preparation for home time. School finishes at 2:55.

One way of helping out the school is to supervise road patrol, either in the morning or afternoon. If this is a way that you could help the school please let Matt Skilton know at skilton@muritai.school.nz

All teachers and children are required to have a wide brimmed hat at school. Those without hats will stay in the shade between 10:30 and 3:00. Please make sure hats are named.

We have the Eastbourne pool booked from next week so we can start swimming on Monday. Teachers are keen to start as soon as possible so be ready to have the togs in the bag. Now that summer has arrived a regular dip will be very satisfying for the children.

Please contact the school if your child is absent or going to be away from school either through phoning on the day or in writing if you know that the absence is going to happen.

If your child arrives after 8:55 they must check in at the office to notify the office staff that they are here. This will save an unnecessary phone call.If we have not been notified we will ring as soon as possible to account for all children.

Wed 2 - First day of school
Thur 3 - Parent 'Meet the teacher'interviews
Fri 4 - Assembly / Powhiri 1.40pm
Mon 7 - Swimming starts
Mon 14 - Year 7-8 at Te Papa
Fri 18 - Assembly 1.40pm
Fri 4 - Assembly 1.40pm
Tue 8 - Y5-6 to Forest Lakes camp
Fri 11 - Swimming finishes
Wed 16 - Starting school at 5 7.00pm
Tues 22 - Year 4-6 Zone swimming
Fri 25 - Assembly 1.40
Mon 11 - Y5-8 School swimming sports at Huia
Fri 15 - last day of term assembly 1.40 pm

The Oral Assessment programme with Janet Avison will continue for year 2 and year 3 children this year. If you would like your child to develop oral language skills through language and drama games, storytelling, poetry, role-play and improvisation and sharing ideas and take part in these 30 minute classes each week please contact the office for an enrolment form and any further details.