Wednesday 26 October

Welcome to our new students to Muritai - Jack Fastier and Rachel Thompson to Room 16, Emily and Matthew Jones, Bridget Forsyth, Matthew Dalziel, Ross Crawford, Rowan and George Bridgeman-Sutton and Viktor and Ruth Nautz.  We also welcome back Tim and Robbie Michael and Grace Manson.

The term has begun and there is a very busy buzz within the school. It is a very short term with only 7 weeks to go. Teams are very well planned and there is a sense of urgency to try and get key things wrapped up for the year. Newsletters will be frequent so please keep reading your emails sent from the school.

Sports competition has gained much of our attention over recent weeks with high interest in the success of our national and provincial teams. Sporting fans around our country are enjoying the huge interest in the Rugby World Cup, and I expect our All Blacks will be the topic of conversation in most homes. It’s all about that typical kiwi passion and commitment we expect from sport that tends to dominate our pride as a nation. But we have our own champions at school too with many of our children excelling within their fields of choice, either for Muritai or for the local Eastbourne clubs.

So what brings so much sporting success to this school? There exists a strong parental backing and support for our sports teams. We have staff and parents who are enthusiastic about getting outside and coaching teams at lunch times, after school and at the weekends. Also, we recognise that the children benefit from the coaching support they receive from the many sports clubs that provide weekend sporting opportunities. And of course the children themselves are keen to get involved and participate with a high degree of pride for their school or club. What I really value is that they appreciate and acknowledge those who are helping them achieve their best. From this strong sense of gratitude evolves attitudes of fair play and passion towards being high achievers and a positive acceptance of not always being at the top, but always striving to do their very best.

Apart from the development of the knowledge and skills required for playing a team sport there are a number of important domains of learning that occur through this participation. Developing the ability to ‘read the game’, understand the strategic plan of the team effort, and being smart about gaining the upper edge on the opposition all require an intelligent approach to game play. Thinking smart, clever communication, the patience in building up a planned move and the ability to capitalise are attributes also relevant to many other facets of being successful in life. The way in which the children and their team can learn from mistakes, take a second place or simply coming last in an event, is an important aspect of sport and requires an intelligent approach to doing better next time.

When our kids do so well it is pleasing to note just how much joy and appreciation it brings to everyone at school. The celebration of success is not only felt by those participating in the groups but by all the children and staff in the school. 

We finished the term witha wonderful Wearable Arts performances from our children. Many parents who had not experienced the show before were blown away with the professionalism of the show. It is a real team effort to get those costumes ‘alive’ – to realize the children’s vision of what they wish to wear. But pulling it altogether is a blast at the school and overall we are thrilled with the outcome. Thank you to Kirsten and the teaching team, to parents and friends of the school and to our children who performed so well. A special thanks to Tracey at Jesters Costume Hire for generously supplying the actors with their costumes.

Thank you to those people who have taken the courtesy to notify the school if their plans are changing in 2012. Currently we are putting together our structure and budgets for 2012 and knowing our student roll is critical going forward. 

Xavier Manson played in the Wellington regional rugby competition representing Hutt Valley primary schools in the holidays and was chosen for the tournament team -
Southern North Island Primary School team. Well done Xavier.

In the homes of Muritai School families are about 20 sets of sports uniforms - green shirts and blue shorts.These aren't our top set but our spare set which go to the touch rugby teams who start tomorrow.There is an amnesty on at the moment.  As it is unlikely that the children would walk around with these on in public it would be great if these could be returned to the school. 

Hutt Valley High School requires students who are coming to Hutt Valley High School to sit two 40 minute tests at Hutt Valley High School on Wednesday 9th November. These will start at 8.45am and students will be released at 11.30 to return to schools. This testing is organised by HVHS and it is the students responsibility to make their own transport arrangements. It could be an early chance to familiarise themselves with the buses.

This information should have been sent out to all students who have enrolled at HVHS.

Home and School will be running a school disco tonight. Tickets will be available on the door for $5 each which will include admission, an ice block and glow stick.  Times for year groups will be:

New Entrants to Year 3:     5pm to 6pm
Year 4 to Year 6:                 6.15pm to 7.45pm
Year 7 to 8:                          8pm to 9.30pm

All children must be collected from INSIDE THE HALL by their parent/caregiver.  There will be extra glowsticks and other glow in the dark accessories for sale as well as chocolate bars.  Water will be available.

It's summer time, although sometimes it doesn't feel like it.  All children must bring a wide-brimmed hat to school to wear during all play times.  As part of our Sun Smart policy, all children without hats must stay in the shade and will be unable to play out on the field or playground. 

The Home and School have organised a film night for Tuesday 8 November at 8pm.  The film will be shown at the Light House Cinema in Petone with admission being $20 per ticket.  The film "The Whistleblower" is a thriller inspired by the true story of Kathryn Bolkovac, an American policewoman who discovered US military involvement in child sex slavery and human trafficking in war torn Bosnia. Stars Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz.

This film has had great reviews so organise a group of friends and buy your tickets from the school office or from a Home and School volunteer.

Point Howard Preschoolers Disco
This Saturday, 29 October from 4pm to 6pm in Muritai School Hall.  Tickets sold at the door.  Entry fee includes a lemonade iceblock and glowstick.  Drinks and food available on the night.  All proceeds to Point Howard Playcentre.  Siblings welcome.

The Eastbourne Cricket Club runs Have A Go Cricket for year 0,1 and 2 children on a Friday evening down at "The Rec".
These sessions are designed to be interactive and rely on parent involvement with your child.  Throwing balls, playing games, catching, batting and much more with the emphasis on fun!  The sessions go for about an hour from 5:15 - 6:15 and are followed by a sausage sizzle.  It costs $60 to join and runs until the end of March next year during the school terms.  If you would like to register go to and register online in the junior club section.  Our first Friday is the 5th of Nov and Tama Walker from cricket Wellington will be at the school next Wednesday afternoon to try and promote the game weather permitting.

Wednesday 5 October

Naumai e te whanau o te kura Muritai
Tena koutou katoa

This Friday 7 October we have a farewell assembly for Matt Skilton. Matt has been Deputy Principal at Muritai since 2004. He has been a larger than life character in the school and has been responsible for implementing many initiatives in the school, in particular the process of implementing the NZ curriculum and National Standards into the school. This work brought us much acclaim across the North Island. Schools visited Muritai to see how we had implemented this. He has worked alongside teachers and children as a mentor and has helped a number of ‘tricky’ children follow the right path. He has also worked with parents to get the best out of children struggling in their school environment. At the same time he has been our events coordinator, putting the time and energy into making our school activities very special. In summary Matt has been everywhere!

In the seven years that Matt has been at Muritai the positive impact he has had onstudents, staff, parents and whanau is immense. His energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and nurturing nature make him a very special person. He will be missed. We know that Tawhai School is very lucky to have Matt Skilton as their principal.

Assembly this Friday starts at 1.00 and parents and caregivers are most welcome to attend.

In replacing Matt at Muritai the Board of Trustees appointment team reviewed the management structure within the school. As a result we are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Eames, Stu Devenport and Richard Dobson as the new associate principals at Muritai School. Maureen Buckley continues as the deputy principal.

Maureen (Y1-2), Richard (Y3-4), Stu (Y5-6) and Stephen (Y7-8) will manage all aspects related to their team, such as learning programme development, student achievement and extension, enrichment and learning support, student behaviour management, teacher planning and performance, as well as contribute to the overall management team and review processes within the school.

After the classroom teacher as your first port of call, please direct any enquiries to the leaders in each section of the school. We are very pleased to be able to make these appointments and this is recognition of the excellent leadership, knowledge and performance that Stu, Richard and Stephen have contributed over the last few years.

Some of our student returned excellent results in the recent ICAS English exam with 7 students placing in the top 1% of NZ with High Distinction. Well done all!

High Distinction – Tim Harris, Samantha Morphew, Andrew Sutcliffe, Lauren Redpath, Ella Tait, Amy O’Shannessy, Molly Hancock

Distinction – Grace Allan, Margarita Montes de Oca, Matthew Sutcliffe, Kieran Cotter, Carlotta Fegert, Finn Janssens, Eva Poland, Meg Sykes

Credit - Ruby Brandwood, Isobel Cochrane, Finn Connell, Kia Jewell, Lucy Bird, Flossie Bleasdale, Sean McElwain-Wilson, Rose Scott-Billing, Hazel Sisson


Bonjour !
Would you like to learn some French? If you are in Year 3 to Year 6, come and have fun with us after school. A native French teacher from the Alliance Fran├žaise will be happy to come and teach you. Courses are interactive and include learning, while playing and singing.

For any inquiries, please contact Alliance Fran├žaise at 04 472 12 72 or We would need a minimum of 7 children to open a class, cost would be $105 per term.)

Swiss Ball Classes
Croquet club-rooms - Vacancies - days and evenings
Contact Lynne Plimmer - 562 8880 or

Babysitter Available
• 17 Year old Eastbourne resident
• Muritai School and Wellesley College ‘old boy’
• Responsible, reliable, interactive and fun!
• References available
• Weekends and evenings
Phone Jamie Brathwaite on 027 860 7604