Wednesday 26 June

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to our new children and their families who have joined the Muritai School community recently – 

Nelly Schoenborn, Jacob Kerr and Louie Turner in Room 1, Hannah Lane in Room 24 and Jacob Lane in Room 12. Our roll today stands at 441.

It is rare for the school to have to close but last Friday was one of those occasions where safety had to prevail. With the road closed and no heating we had little choice and realistically it was not safe to be outside, certainly until lunchtime. Hopefully your properties weren't too adversely affected. I am aware of some of our families who have been hit hard and our thoughts are with them at this time.

We have lost a few trees on the field and quite a few limbs off trees closer to the classrooms but generally the school is in good shape overall. Our thanks to Steven D'Armes and his team for making themselves available to tidy up the school so it was safe for children on the Monday. Also to our caretaker Mark who has been working frantically to get things back to normal.

With just under 3 weeks to go until a very well earned holiday break. I continue to be very impressed with the spirit of the school and the effort being made by the children to improve their learning skills and be the best that they can be.

Of late we have had a few niggles between children and some relationship breakdowns of long term friendships. Although these are relatively few it is worthwhile acknowledging it as a discussion point. This is part of life and happens from time to time. As adults we know that life is no bed of roses and as our children get older they find that they want to mix with a variety of friends and  differences between children can sometimes get accentuated. The children do find it quite distressing however and in the heat of the moment can be quick to apportion blame onto others. Things can get messy. The important thing is to build a pathway forward and as always try and make sure that relationships with others are positive and friendly, even if children try and expand their friendship groupings. When things are not so good children need to be guided through this so they can stay positive, keep focussed and engaged on their learning. I do want to acknowledge the teaching staff’s efforts, as working through these issues can be extremely time consuming and each associate principal has spent extensive periods of time recently working with children trying to get to the 'bottom' of each issue, and create strategies for the children and then convey the information onto the parents. We do not shirk on our responsibility to get things right but sometimes it is very tricky to be teaching 25 or so children and smoothing the waters between children who are upset with each the same time!

When working with parents recently we have really appreciated the support of parents taking a pragmatic view of these situations and supporting their children through 'active' parenting to make sure their children have strategies to move forward. It is not about identifying who is innocent and who is guilty, but rather ensuring each child has a tool kit to draw on and a positive attitude moving forward. 

We have some staffing 'changes' of late. 
  • Karen Chao is currently on sick leave until next term and Ruth Vaughan is in room 8 until the end of term.
  • Jess Savage is taking leave to return to the UK for a wedding. Hayden Ray will be in room 15 until the end of term.
  • Carole Lowe is taking leave to return to the UK for a memorial service for her father who passed away recently. Sue McCormack and Narelle Ferrier will be holding the fort at the front office while Carole is away.
  • We welcome back Raewyn O'Sullivan who will be working with children in years 2-3 next term for 3 weeks while Ruth Holmes returns to the UK to visit her elderly mother.

Next Friday the 5th July reports will be issued for all students (except Mrs Ryan's class). There has been a small change for year 2 and 3 students in the written report due to the MOE requirement to report on the anniversary of end of year 1, year 2 and year 3. Children who are around their anniversary/birthday, and therefore have completed 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, will receive an anniversary report indicating their overall attainment below, at or above the national standard.  All other children will receive a progress report indicating how children are tracking toward achieving the National Standard for the year that they are in.

Mid-year interviews are for year 1, 2 and 3 only (Rooms 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6, 9 and10) and will be held on Wednesday 10 July and Thursday 11 July between 3pm and 7.30pm.

Children from years 5-8 will be having a learning celebrations evening on Wednesday 10th July from 3pm until 7:30pm where you are invited into the classrooms and your children will explain to you their learning achievements so far this year, the progress they are making and show you around their learning environments.

Please go to School Interviews to book an appointment. The Event Code is LBFZV.  Alternatively, you can contact Sue in the school office who will make an appointment for you.  

Late last year the Ministry of Education (MoE) wrote to the Board and directed it to commence the development of a zone due to the growth in the school role.  The purpose of the zone is to allow the MoE to make the best use of the existing network of state schools and avoid or reduce the likelihood of overcrowding.  The development of a zone and associated policy provides the mechanism through which the selection of applicants for enrolment at the school is carried out in a fair and transparent manner.

All children who live in the zoned area have an automatic right to attend the school.  Existing out of zone children who attend the school will not be affected as it will only apply to new enrolments. The MoE provides a priority list for students under a ballot.  Priority for Selection of students who live outside the school's home zone is outlined below:
1) Students accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school and approved by the Secretary; (Muritai does not run a special programme)
2) Siblings of current students;
3) Siblings of former students’
4) Children of former students;
5) Children of an employee of the Board or Children of a Member of the Board;
6) All other students.

As part of the development of the zone the Board is required to consult the community on the proposed boundaries for the zone, and the Board will commence this process in July.  The implementation of a zone is not optional but there are a number of important decisions to make to ensure it meets its objectives.  The Board is committed to working through this process to ensure that everyone is well informed and has the opportunity to provide feedback on the policy.  

If you have not already done so, please return your Entertainment Books or purchase accordingly.

We have raised $2913.60 to date and are awaiting final sponsorship money from the children who participated.  Please ensure money is returned to the school office by the end of the week.  Well done everyone!

This term we are holding our annual Scholastic Book Fair to coincide with the school interviews.  The Book Fair will be held in the library on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July from 2.40pm - 3.30pm.  Then on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th July from 2.40pm - 7.30pm.

Please contact Carole or Sue in the office if you can help in any way on any of the days.  Thank you so much to Liz Alderson who is co-ordinating the Book Fair this year.


June / July 
Fri 28 June - Assembly 1.40
Mon 1 July - Fri 5 July - Maori Language week
Thur 4 July - BP Technology challenge
Fri 5 July - Progress/anniversary reports go home
Wed 10 July - Year 1-3 parent interviews and year 5-8 learning celebrations
Thurs 11 July - Year 1-3 parent interviews
Fri 12 July - last day of term

Term 3 - Monday 29 July - Friday 27 September - 45 days
Term 4 - Monday 14 October - Friday 20 December - 48 days

A reminder we have our second teacher only day - Friday 25 October (Labour Weekend) 

Inter-zone Cross Country
Congratulations to Macey Caughley and Charlotte Humphries who won their categories in the Cross Country yesterday.


Family Pantomine
Butterfly Theatre Troupe latest production is Beauty and The Beast. This production opens next Thursday 4 July and runs through to Sunday 14th July with a 2.30 matinee on Sunday 7 July.  Tickets available at Rona Gallery and

Garage Sale
Garage sale this Saturday 29 June at 13 Marine Parade 8am.  bikes, car seats, toys, clothing, and much more.... two household lots all pre-loved including new items from the last Eastbourne Market!!!

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Our internationally acclaimed programme for children enhances  Confidence and Creativity, Communication,  Presentation Skills, Public speaking, and  Performance skills
CLASSES ARE HELD  IN: Khandallah,  Lower Hutt,  Whitby,  Hataitai,  Tawa.  Telephone: (04) 388-9710,

School Holiday Computer Classes
For years 1 to 12.  From Essential Skills to Creating 3D games, Web Design, Animations, Video Editing, Programming and Build a PC.  Free transport from Lower Hutt and Petone.  For further information call Ed Brown on 499-2211 or

STAGLANDS - Mad for toasted marshmallows
Make sure you visit Staglands these July school holidays as they will be giving away free marshmallows for everyone to toast on the campfire. Who doesn’t love a marshmallow freshly toasted on an open fire?  Well the generous people at Staglands thought they would treat all their visitors by offering them the chance to enjoy their own toasted marshmallows on the cosy camp fire down by the Barn whilst enjoying nature in all her glory. 

Competition time
How mad for toasted marshmallows are you?  Fancy winning a year’s supply of marshmallows plus an annual family pass to Staglands - Visit to enter.

After School Coaching Series - Term 3 2013:
Years 3 and 4   -  3.30pm to 4.30 pm
Years 5,6,7,8   -   4.45pm to 6pm
Walter Nash Stadium - 6 week Series
Tuesday August 6/13/20/27 and September 3/10 2013.

School Holiday Programme:
Week One
Fun Ferns Year 3 and 4  9am to 10.30 am  $75.00
Future Ferns Year 5 and 6   11am to 1pm  $100.00
Mini Ferns Year 7 and 8   1.30pm to 3.30pm  $100.00
Walter Nash Stadium - 1 week Programme - 15 to 19 July 2013

Kapiti Island For Kids (aged 9-15) – exciting  school holiday programme
A uniquely New Zealand holiday experience in one of our most precious nature and marine reserves.

    • 2 nights’ accommodation at Kapiti Nature Lodge
    • night kiwi-spotting adventure
    • up close with endangered birds like Tākahe
    • wild food: fishing & foraging
    • seal colony visit
    • nature awareness games
    • guided walks to the lookout & lagoon
    • see how nature conservation works
    • kayaking
    • 24 hour experienced adult supervision and guidance

DATES: July 15-17 (girls), July 18-20 (boys), Oct. 8-10 (girls), Oct. 11-13 (boys)
COST:   $490 for 3 days, includes: accommodation(quad share), conservation programme, tours/talks, activities, all meals and snacks, ferry and DOC permits.
The staffing ratio will be in keeping with current outdoor education best practice. Activities are weather dependant.


Thursday 13 June

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to our new children and their families who have joined the Muritai School community recently Clem Clark, Max Bentley and Caleb Booth in Room 1. Our roll today stands at 436.

What is on top
As we near the end of week 6 the school has a real energy going forward. There is lots going on with numerous visiting speakers, excursions around leadership, sport, visiting shows, children running around with brains on their heads. The children have had a great experiences of late at school.

Thank you to the parents who put their name forward to be on the Board of Trustees and congratulations Stuart, Olivia, Nick, Craig and Julie for being voted onto the Board for the next 3 years.

We are so excited to receive some new ICT equipment at the school which has been funded from the last Eastbourne Village Carnival. 32 new laptops and some Ipod touches have been added to our ICT stock for use by the students and will be rolled out to the classes next week. A HUGE thank you to the Village Carnival Team and the Muritai School community  for their generosity. As always thank you to our tech whiz, Suzanne from Solved who has set them up for us and made them good to go!

National Standards information is topical at the moment and will be for the next month while the media positions itself to try and form league tables from the information released by the Ministry of Education.  A gentle reminder that while we acknowledge that we need to accelerate achievements for our lowest achieving students across the country, overall the New Zealand education system is very high performing in a global context.

Muritai School continues to return strong overall achievement and our student information can be viewed on our school website by clicking here. 

Next Tuesday the 18th, year 3-4 are having a sharing afternoon. Parents are welcome to come into the classroom from 3pm to 5pm and the children will show them around their learning environment and explain what they have been doing in class so far this year.

Our Home and School Committee are holding a meeting on Thursday 20 June at 2pm in the staff room.  Please feel free to come along.

We managed to take 142 jackets to Naenae Primary last week. Their school community was completely overwhelmed and immensely grateful for our school community's generosity. Every jacket, hoodie, jersey and sweatshirt has gone to a child attending Naenae School which is wonderful.

Our senior charity group's next 'pay it forward' concept is a shoe drive for our friends at Cannon's Creek primary school. If you have some shoes to give away, the drop off will be in the school foyer next week for the rest of the term.

There has been quite a buzz this week as we have added a 'brain awareness' focus to our learning experiences. We started with a fantastic talk from Pascal Saker, a neuroscientist, and the momentum has gathered from there with lots of discussions around cerebellums, dendrites and neurons as well as creative learning experiences, some self-choice things. It has been very interesting seeing the children in different learning contexts.The Ipads have come into their own with plenty of really cool 'about the brain Apps' available for the children.

Those linked to facebook will have regular updates but you can check out a summary of daily experiences by clicking on Sarah Richardson's Learning Den blog.

Our Year 7 and 8 students learn ukulele as part of their technicraft rotation programme. At the end of six weeks the students know a lot of songs and have a go at writing their own which is always a lot of fun. Once they have a repertoire under their belt it is nice for them to get out into the community and share some of the songs. A group of sixteen students visited the Woburn Masonic Village recently and performed to a group of elderly people. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and one of the ladies in the home told the children that she had been to Muritai School as a young girl!

Another group visited the Shona McFarlane Home last term and got a very positive reception.

I was extremely proud of the students on both occasions and am certain they got a lot out of sharing their talents this way. I would like to thank the parents who provided transport for these visits, without you, we would not be able to do such things.
Ruth Hooke

On Monday 10th June a group of 30 Year 7 and 8's went to the annual NYLD (or National Young Leader's Day).  It was an incredible experience, with fun activities and videos, and of course the inspiring speeches made by some amazing people. The focus for the day was "Heroes", and each speaker made motivational speeches about the qualities of a leader, or a hero.  The speakers there included Billy Graham, Rachel Tauleilei, Charlie Laumatia, Alison Mooney and Cam Calkoen.  These people were from all walks of life and all had encountered obstacles in their way, but they achieved great things because they aimed high and had faith in themselves.  We all had an amazing time and came back inspired and excited about our own potential as leaders.
By Margarita Montes de Oca

We would just like to remind all those who still have not returned or paid for their entertainment books to do so by this Friday.  The books are $60 and can be paid for online at by clicking here or with cash or credit card at the school office. If you do not wish to purchase your book, simply return it to the school office.

We require a volunteer co-ordinator to help organise the roster for the Scholastic Book Fair scheduled for Wednesday 10th July and Thursday 11th July. Please contact the school office - 562 8409 -  if you can help.


Congratulations to....Olivia Seymour who has been selected for the Wellington under 13 Hockey representative team.

Year 5/6 Football Tournament
In week four of this term students from the year 5/6 syndicate participated in the Hutt Central Interzone Football tournament. All four teams had a fantastic time and displayed high levels of skill and team work. Muritai School were unlucky not to finish 1st in the tournament after losing out to Waterloo school by 2 points! A big thank you to all the parents who supported the students with coaching, supervision and transportation.

Cross Country
On Tuesday, the top 10 runners from year groups 4, 5 and 6 from our school cross country  raced in the Central Zone competition at Boulcott School.  We had a great day with Muritai School children running their very best. Against tough opposition we came 3rd overall in the team points competition. As the smallest school in the cluster we continue to perform well above our weight.

We also had a few of our runners place in the top 3 in their races:
Chelsea Summers - 3rd place - Y4 Girls
Henry Evans - 2nd place - Y4 Boys
Charlotte Humphries - 1st place - Y5 Girls
Macey Caughley - 1st place - Y6 Girls

The following students, as well as those above, will now represent the Central Zone in the Inter-zone Cross Country.
Gemma Grant - 7th place - Y4 Girls
Jack Evans - 8th place - Y4 Boys
Josh Preston - 10th place - Y4 Boys
Samantha Woolley - 6th place - Y5 Girls
Theo Jones - 5th place - Y5 Boys
Monty Rookes - 8th place - Y5 Boys
Ella Giles - 5th place - Y6 Girls
Andrew Sutcliffe - 9th place -Y6 Boys
Max Hahn - 10th place - Y6 Boys

Last Thursday, 30 year 7 and 8 students attended HRSA Cross Country meet at Trentham Memorial Park.  Over 220 students from 17 schools attended.  Congratulations to Maya Hahn who placed 1st in the Year 8 girls' race.

Mon 17        ICAS writing
Tue 18         ICAS spelling and year 3-4 sharing afternoon.
Wed 19        Starting school at 5 mtg...7.00
Fri 21           Assembly 1.45
Tue 25         Inter-zone cross country
Wed 26        BoT mtg 7.30 staffroom
Fri 28           Assembly

A reminder that term 2 finishes on Friday 12 July - 48 days
Term 3 - Monday 29 July - Friday 27 September - 45 days
Term 4 - Monday 14 October - Friday 20 December - 48 days

A reminder we have our second teacher only day - Friday 25 October (Labour Weekend)

Eastside Fitness Boutique Gym
Eastside Fitness have a June/July Special with 12 months gym membership, no joining fee plus 1 month free.  All for only $25 per week.  Contact them at 

Kids Cross Country Series
Has your child been enjoying the school cross country season?  Do they want to take part in any of our Kids Cross Country races Athletics Wellington is running in partnership with local running clubs?  The Kids Cross Country Series is open to year 3's through to year 10's (so 7 to 15 year olds).  If they want to get a couple of friends together they have the option of entering a team of three.  It could be a school team or sports club team.  You don't have to do all four events - just one is fine.  Events being held in Karori, Tawa, Upper Hutt and Wellington.  For more details go to or email or phone 2329409.

Hutt Valley High School open evening
Hutt Valley High School is holding an information evening and tour of the school for prospective children and their parents tonight at 6.00. Click here for details.

Wellington Girls College School in Action morning
Wellington Girls' College are holding a School in Action morning for Year 8's on Friday 21 June. There will be three sessions - 9.00am, 10.30am and 11.30am. Prospectuses and application forms are available on their website

Underground Market @ The Dowse Museum.
Held on the second Sunday of every month 10am-3pm. Looking for that something different? Experience one of Wellington’s most exclusive shopping destinations brimming with beautifully made gifts and treats. Meet the designers, artists and crafters and 'unearth a little treasure' from our distinctive collection of market-only goodies.

Indulge in coffee or brunch, browse with friends, bring the family, or take time for yourself. Discover a unique array of locally made designer homewares, clothing, craft creations and gourmet food products.

Berhampore School Midwinter Knack Market
Spice up your winter and come along to one (or both!) of the midwinter celebrations of NZ handmade at knack! The coolest school fundraiser in town offers a wonderful range of original craft treats and gifts, with live music, delicious hot food and mulled wine on Friday evening. On Saturday there will be kids' activities, delicious baking and breads of the world, plus exciting and exotic hot food. Our regular barista will be on site too with fresh coffee. EFTPOS available both days.  Friday 14 June from 6pm to 8.30pm and Saturday 15 June from 9.30 to 1.30pm

For further information contact or phone Justine on 972 4099 or 027 381 3409.