Reporting to Parents: Mid Year Written Reports

Today you will receive your child's mid-year written report.  In this you will see comments made by their teacher about the learning they have been involved in so far this year.  The reports focus on progress towards the New Zealand Curriculum learning levels.  

This New Zealand Curriculum chart demonstrates that the Curriculum levels are across years and demonstrate a broader expectation of progress. The reports provide information on your child’s achievement of the curriculum level in Reading, Writing and Maths at mid-year of their year level. 

We provide this in all reports from year 2. In year 0 and 1, we have a small skill set of learning dispositions that are listed, and the reports provide information about how your child is settling into their schooling.

It is important to note that curriculum levels span over multiple year levels and may take children more than 2 years to complete. The diagram below shows how curriculum levels typically relate to years at school. 

The Muritai School Mid-Year Report is based on individual data and observations specific to your child.  The teachers have used a range of assessment tasks and observations in order to accurately indicate your child's achievements, next steps and progress of curriculum level attainment.  Once your child has gained most of the skills, knowledge and understanding of each stage they will progress to the next level. 

In this table it explains what the Progression Key terms Growing, Progressing, Achieving and Exceeding mean. 

The major focus for the reports are the personal achievements and next steps for your child, as well as comments written about them as an individual.  Within the report information is given about how your child is achieving mid-way through this year and how they are progressing towards their year's curriculum level. 

As always if you would like further information as to your child’s achievement or learning progress you are welcome to contact their classroom teacher at any time throughout the year.  

A huge thank you to all of the staff who have worked very hard over the past month to write these detailed reports. 

Bec Power