Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Greetings, Malo e Lelei, Kia Orana, Bonjour, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Hola, Kon'nichiwa, Namaste, G’day mate

A warm welcome to Amandine Oliver who joins us in Room 2 for our last day of the year.  


Tena koutou katoa, warm greetings to you all

2017 Final Newsletter

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Year 8 Formal along with staff and parents.  Angus our Head Boy and Millie our head girl delivered exemplary speeches as well as speeches from our camp parents, Mrs Borgonje, Miki from the Board of Trustees and myself.  It was a special evening and I certainly see why such a long standing tradition is upheld and continued on for generations of Muritai learners who graduate at Year 8.  

As is tradition at the Formal, the Year 8 awards were presented, which we then presented again in front of the full school Assembly last Friday.  Congratulations to our Award winners in 2018.  

Year 8 Awards
Class of 61 Cup
~ “Outstanding Contribution to Muritai School”        
Awarded to that pupil who has consistently excelled in a variety of activities and challenges during their time within Muritai School
Oscar Zuijderwijk
Kirsty and Isabella Clarke Cup
~ “Positive Contribution to Muritai School”
Awarded to the child who has consistently made a positive contribution to the peer group to ensure a positive environment at Muritai School.      
Angus Flynn
Abel Tasman Cup
~ “Awarded to that pupil who has risen to the challenge of the Abel Tasman Experience and made the most of the opportunity to show teamwork, optimism, enthusiasm, and to be inspired by the challenge
Joshua Ryan
Booth Family Cup
~ “The Student’s Student”                                  
Awarded to that pupil who the year 8 students group feel has displayed outstanding qualities in leadership, academics and school culture as well as playing a major role in contributing to the success of the peer group as a whole.
Francisca Zaballa
Newton family Cup
Service to the School
Awarded to the pupil who in their time at Muritai School has continuously served the school to the highest quality – taken on challenges, volunteered their time, helped others, been noticed for their quality conduct and used their initiative.
Amelia Watkins
Beck Family Cup – Sporting Successes
Boy: Harry Bloomfield

Girl: Grace Manson
The Mills Cup for Contribution to the Arts
Chloe Bothwell
Swain Family Cup for Leadership and Contribution to Sport
Ben Murphy
Debbie Bertaud Memorial Cup for Commitment to Science and Technology
A cup and book voucher in memory of Debbie Bertaud, pupil, parent, tutor, mentor, awarded to the student who has made the greatest commitment to science and technology during her or his time at Muritai School.
Luke Thompson
Stotter Family Cup
An all round student who is committed and dedicated to contribute and perform with excellence to new challenges in the environment, sporting and cultural life of Muritai School with a smile and positive attitude.
Holly Churchman
Jacobsen Cup for excellence in Mathematics Girls & Boys
Awarded to that pupil who has consistently excelled in the area of Mathematics.
G - Halina Smith
B - Luke Thompson
The Broadbent Cup for excellence in Literacy. (New for 2011)
Awarded to that pupil who has consistently excelled in the area of Literacy ~
Lachlan McLachlan
Principal Cup
Someone that has stood out - shown determination, resilience, loyalty
Miles Futter
Eastbourne Community Trust Leadership Cup
Lily Sambrooke
Teachers Cup
Someone that the three teachers believe is deserving of an award. Have been a joy to teach and an asset to the Senior School.
Sophia Cotsilinis
BOT awards
Improvement in year 8
Awarded to that child who, in their final year at Muritai School, has made the most improvement in a variety of areas
G - Holly Churchman
B - Cooper Watson
Boy / Girl Endeavour award
Awarded to those students who have tried their best in everything they have done at their time at Muritai School – academic, sports, the arts, conduct
G - Marta Perez-Benet
B - Flynn Cook
Kyle Sturgess Cup - Music
Chloe Bothwell
Academic Prize
Awarded to those students who worked hard in their academic studies and have consistently shown academic excellence across a wide range of subject areas
Girl Cella Connell

Boy Oscar Zuijderwijk
Nicholas Bahler Award Empathy
Given to the student who has shown care, empathy, consideration and kindness to other students who have physical, mental or social challenges.
Francisca Zaballa
The Malama Cup –
The inspiring Visionary
This award acknowledges someone who is a true asset to Muritai School. A person who strives to be the best person they can be through hard work and determination.
Josh Ryan
Reliability Cup – 2013
pou whirinaki
Sam Mc Robbie
Kapa Haka
Francisca Zaballa
Pointin Cup -
For speeches or debating
Oscar Zuijderwijk

Today we finish our school year and with it, we farewell some families who have been connected to the school for some time.  We thank you for your commitment to Muritai, and know the connections will remain, even though your child may not be joining us at school each day.  

As it is the final day of the year, I take the opportunity to thank those who make Muritai such a enjoyable place to come to work each day.  

To the students -  
  • Well done on a great year of learning - your efforts and progress are to be celebrated!
  • Congratulations for demonstrating our school values and vision - and continuing to be the best you can be when at school or home
  • Thank you for helping make the year a success by helping each other - in your classes and as a school we need the support our students give in doing all sorts of jobs like: collecting the milk, doing road patrol, kahikatea leaders, the year 7/8 leaders and portfolio holders and to our head students - thank you all.
  • Good luck to those finishing with us at the end of 2017, I know you’ll be a success as you are a Muritai kid and we look forward to hearing your story of success continue into the future.  

To Parents
  • Thank you to our parents and families who help out at a number of events, fundraising initiatives and class trips and camps, we thank you for making our EOTC activities such a learning success
  • Thank you to the generous donations we receive from parents - financially and in time donated to the school.  
  • Our home and school team tirelessly work at bringing us inventive and fun ways to raise funds for our learners, and this year is no exception - pizza mondays, entertainment books, batteries, cookie time cookies, the Eastbourne Market and even a school disco! Thanks also to all of you who have supported these initiatives by getting out alongside your children and fundraising - or eating the odd christmas cookie.  
  • Thank you to our Board of Trustees who dedicate a lot of time and energy in supporting our staff and students to be the best they can be - we appreciate your dedication.  

To our staff
  • Thank you for an amazing 2017, your passion, commitment and energy are one of a kind.  Our patient and kind support staff, our fun after school care, our extra special office staff, our fit caretaker, our knowledgeable librarian, our dedicated cleaners and our incredible teachers and senior leadership team.
  • We all play a part in making Muritai a wonderful place every day, and I thank each and everyone of you for your efforts and support in 2017.  You are an amazing staff to work alongside.  

Our wider school community, our learners, our parents and our staff all contribute to make one amazing team.  Thank you all for making my first year at Muritai such a superb one.  

On our farewells - Today we farewell some very special staff who move on from Muritai for promotions, in retirement, or off on other adventures. We spoke to each of these special ladies last week in Assembly, where the whole school farewelled each of them.   We thank each and every one of you for giving part of yourself in making our school so special.  Goodbye to Ruth Holmes, Francie Charlton, Karen Chao, Melissa Coton, Julie Small, Heather Mawby, Raewyn Roberts and Rachel Rossiter.  This group of support staff and teachers have been a joy to work with, either in teacher aiding, part time release teaching, or in own class teaching we will miss you all. Good luck in your new roles and adventures in 2018!

Also - If you are looking to purchase new bikes for any children over the summer, or know anyone who is, please support our friends at Holy Family School in Porirua who we at Muritai have helped in the past by donating any bikes that are surplus to requirements.  Chris Theobald, the Principal, will come and pick them up, check out the letter attached from him below.  

I wish each and every one of you all a fantastic Christmas and holiday break - I look forward to seeing you all back rested and relaxed in 2018.  School begins on Wednesday 31 January, and please note we are holding a Teacher Only Day on the 5th February - the Monday before Waitangi Day.  

Bec Power


Student achievement has again been consistently excellent in 2017, with 85.3 percent of Muritai students at or above standard in maths; 81.3 percent at or above in writing and  88.5 percent at or above in reading, against school-wide targets of 90 percent for reading and 85 percent for writing and maths.

This compares well to nationwide achievement of 77.9 percent at or above in reading 75.4 percent at or above in maths and 71.2 percent at or above in writing, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Education, (2016).

Reading continues to be a particular strength school-wide, while girls’ maths and boys’ writing are areas we would like to see further improvement in.
While our targets were not always met, all students significantly progressed their achievement across the whole curriculum through the year, our most important measure of learning success.

National Standards
On that note, with the dropping of National Standards in 2018 Muritai is looking a new ways of assessing and reporting to parents, likely to be more focused on individual progress rather than a national comparison.
Our future vision and strategic plan will also be a focus as updates to the Education Act around planning and reporting come into play.
It's been a year of significant change at Muritai this year with the appointment Bec Power to lead the school. Bec has brought with her phenomenal energy levels, empathetic and collaborative leadership, keeping the wellbeing of the children firmly at the centre of every decision she makes in partnership with a skilled and committed senior leadership team and staff. We thank her for her commitment to the role, school and its students and look forward to another dynamic year in 2018.
Finally, huge thanks to all the staff, students and families at Muritai for their part in creating a stimulating and caring learning environment - see you in 2018! arohanui, meri kirihamete and haere ra until next year!
Special thanks also to Carole Lowe for her commitment, organisation and administrative skills to support the board as well as the running of the school.
- from your board of trustees Nigel, Louise, Miki, Mary, Andrew,  Phil, Bec and Deane.

Term 1 - Wednesday 31 January - Friday 13 April (NOTE: Teacher Only Day - 5th February - the Monday before Waitangi Day)
Term 2 - Monday 30 April - Friday 6 July
Term 3 - Monday 23 July - Friday 28 September
Term 4 - Monday 15 October - Tuesday 18 December


Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Greetings, Malo e Lelei, Kia Orana, Bonjour, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Hola, Kon'nichiwa, Namaste, G’day mate

A warm welcome to Honor Velvin and Hugo Futter who joins us in Room 3 and Poppy Edwards in Room 12 and Tabitha Edwards into Room 6 this week.  


Tena koutou katoa, warm greetings to you all

Celebrations of Learning

We invite all parents and students to the end of year Celebrations of Learning on Tuesday afternoon  from 3-6pm.  The classrooms will be open for the children to share their learning from over terms three and four.  

2018 Class Arrangements

Next week there will be visits to new 2018 classrooms where your child will meet their classmates for the new year,  meet their new teacher and visit the room they will be in next year where they will take part in a fun activity together.  Following these visits they will be bringing home an introductory letter from their new teacher confirming their class placement, and a stationary list for 2018.  


On Monday you will receive your child’s  final report for the 2018 year.  After reading these reports over the past weeks I’m delighted with the high level of progress and academic improvement over the year, along with some excellent areas of personal, social and emotional  growth our learners have enjoyed.  A wonderful representation of our vision in action, where each child is progressing towards being the best they can be. An enormous thank you to all of our classroom teachers, who have spent a lot of time writing thoughtful and personal reports.

Syndicate Names

Syndicate Team Names 2018

Thank you for the  thinking and input you have put into creating our new syndicate team names for 2018.  I asked for suggestions from parents, staff and students around what we could call our syndicates, and the new names are ready to be revealed!

The selected names have come from a variety of sources however predominantly have come from community input and ideas. All names relate to our local environment  and focuses on local bird names.  All link to one another beginning at the coast with our youngest learners, moving up into the bush for our oldest.  The team names also fit with our school logo and vision.   

Our youngest learners from 0-2 are to be called Kororā after the Little Blue Penguin.  
Kororā are little, and their small numbers suggest they need especially nurturing care just like our students who are unique, precious and who also needs careful nurturing as they step out into their school journey. Kororā are found closest to the coastline, and sometimes even on the way to Muritai school!  A very fitting name for our youngest learners.  

Image result for tui

Our next team will be named Tūī.  This team will have year 3/4 learners in 2018.  

Tūī are quite vocal, and are found in the trees surrounding our coastline and school.  As we begin to move from the beach into the trees, Tūī are abundant.  Tui are notoriously hungry for nectar and fruits, and at school - for knowledge! A fantastic name for our middle learners, who demonstrate their hunger for new learning.    

Image result for kereru
Kererū is the name of our next team, representing learners in 2018 in years 4/5/6.
Kererū are usually found in the bush, or high in trees.  They have easy access to abundant, rich and nutritious food sources and at school - to learning opportunities! Kererū have an important job in helping the spread of native trees, and at school of sharing their learning, and learning together.  

Kāhu is the team consisting of year 7/8 students.  
Kahū are hunters who search for prey - much like our senior students who seek knowledge and learning! Kahū soar through the sky, with a keen eye, flying high - much like our senior students who pursue learning.  To Māori, the Kahū is a symbol of chieftainship, just like our senior leaders at Muritai.

Next year we will be seeking suggestions around some original team symbols, from the students, staff and community.  

EOTC Weeks

This week there have been many adventures as the EOTC weeks get underway. The Year 8's have enjoyed possibly the hottest week in Year 8 camping history in the Abel Tasman, whilst the year 7's spent two beautiful days on their camp to Mt Holdsworth. Feedback from both groups has been fantastic, and the support from parents and staff is just incredible. Thank you to all staff and parents for their energy in making these trips possible.

The year 3/4 classes have also been enjoying EOTC week outside in and around Wellington this week, and we want to pass on our thanks to these parents and teachers too for supporting the children and enabling these exciting activities to occur.

Next week our 0-2 syndicate and 5-6 syndicate enjoy their 'EOTC Week'.

Year 8 Trip to Mt Holdsworth

Year 8 Abel Tasman Camp

Year 3/4 Trip to Days Bay

Home and School are delighted to let you know that the Cookies will be available for collection from the library on Tuesday next week between 3pm – 6pm.  YUM !!


Heads Up!
Due to the school year ending on a Tuesday lunch time, our final assembly and the farewelling of our Year 8 students will take place over two separate events.
Final Assembly will be on Friday 15th December 1pm for 1.15 start.
This will be a longer assembly than usual as we will saying goodbye to some of our teachers and other leavers across the school as well as offering the wider school community a chance to share in the prize giving and speeches from the Year 8 formal.
Leavers celebration - Tuesday 19th December (the last day of school) 12noon start.
This is a special opportunity to acknowledge our wonderful group of Year 8 students and wish them well for the next step of their learning journeys. The Year 7 students will present the Year 8 leavers books and we will enjoy a slideshow of the Year 8s 'before' and 'after' their Muritai years!
We very much hope you can join us.

A group of Year 7 and 8 students entertained residents of Bob Scott retirement home on Wednesday . Our students did a smashing job and got a great reception . Quite a few of them thought they would like to go there when they are older or thought they could suggest it to their parents!!!!
Ruth Hooke
On Sunday 10 December Community Carols will be happening in the Muritai School Hall. This is always a lovely occasion complete with brass band, sausage sizzle and possible visit from Santa!
We have a small group of students who have volunteered to sing an item. These students need to meet outside room 1 at 4.45 wearing their school t shirts please.
Ruth Hooke

I am so very proud of all our students who competed at the Regional Athletics competition on Tuesday. It was a long hot day and they all just got on with the business.
The relay teams did us proud! The Y4 Girls placed 3rd, Y6 Boys placed 3rd and the Y6 Girls placed 2nd (in what was a close finish).
I would like to thank all of the parents for their support for athletics over the past few weeks. It has been amazing!
Muritai's got talented kids! Ka mau te wehi!
Other podium results:
Mia Campbell
- 2nd Y6 Girls High Jump
Aubrey Chunga
- 1st Y4 Boys 60m Sprint
- 2nd Y4 Boys 100m Sprint
- 1st Y4 Boys High Jump
- 2nd Y4 Boys Long Jump

4 2017 DATES
11 to 15 Dec    Y5/6 EOTC Week
11 Dec               Junior Athletics
12 Dec                 Celebrations of Learning
13 Dec               Y8 Formal at 6.30
14 Dec               Junior School Xmas Concert and party at 1pm  to 3pm
15 Dec                 Final Assembly 1.15pm
18 Dec               Y7/8 Days Bay Day
19 Dec              Leavers Celebration at 12 Noon      
                            LAST DAY OF TERM 4
                            EARLY FINISH AT 1PM

Term 1 - Wednesday 31 January - Friday 13 April (Teacher Only Day - 5th February)
Term 2 - Monday 30 April - Friday 6 July
Term 3 - Monday 23 July - Friday 28 September
Term 4 - Monday 15 October - Tuesday 18 October

Piano Lessons with Vanessa Tindle
I have a couple of spaces at school for 2018. If you have a son or daughter who is thinking about starting piano lessons next year, please contact me before the end of term.
Ph: 562 7663 or email:

Speak Again - - will be running again next year for years 3 - 8. I have a few students leaving for other schools at the end of 2017 so I now have a couple of lunchtime spaces available to offer anyone who missed out this year but would like to join us for the fun next year. Our focus is to nurture school students’ performance skills in a playful environment - drawing out innate creativity and expression to inspire confidence and develop wholehearted communication. See the website or call Emily Keddell - 0211885106