Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Greetings, Malo e Lelei, Kia Orana, Bonjour, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Hola,
Kon'nichiwa, Namaste, G’day mate

On Wednesday the teaching staff and I joined the large majority of teachers from across the Wellington region when we took industrial action - the first time primary school teachers and principals have been on strike for 24 years, and the first time during my career.  We know this was a huge disruption to you and our students, but the reality is we are facing a crisis of losing great teachers and principals in the future - and we really don’t want this to happen.

In Wellington we have seen changes in our ability to recruit and retain staff, and relievers are no exception. On some days this year we have had to split classes to provide cover, as our usual or agency relievers have been unavailable.  In other centres in New Zealand we see classes without their own teachers, and we worry Wellington is heading the same way.

It is a difficult time in education, however our teachers and myself are doing our very best to provide an amazing education for your children here at Muritai school.  Our teachers and support staff are not the norm, they are exceptional. I feel so fortunate to work alongside the staff at Muritai, and want to let you know how lucky I believe we are in Eastbourne to have such committed teachers and support staff. I see the countless hours our staff put into growing our Muritai learners on a daily basis, and I acknowledge and thank them all for this.  We need to attract the very best into teaching and keep them there.

We thank you for the support shown to us as we continue to negotiate better working conditions for our teachers, more teachers for your children, more support for our students with additional needs, and a pay rise for teachers wages in the hope to address the teacher shortage.  It was uplifting to receive messages of support and to see some of our parents and students supporting us at the rally.

We hope that an agreement can be reached between NZEI and the Government very soon, so that we can get back to what we love doing.

I also bring you the news that sadly we are farewelling one of our long serving staff members Lisa Allen, who is currently on leave.  Lisa has requested to write a farewell to you too, which is included below. Lisa has impacted the lives of many Muritai students through her time as a classroom teacher and in her learning support work.  
We will farewell Lisa at the school assembly in week 6 on the 31st of August.

“After 15 years teaching at Muritai I have decided to resign. After much discussion with my family I have decided to take some time out and have a break from teaching. I am very sad to be leaving my wonderful team and my students. I have a long history at Muritai and leave with many beautiful memories, funny stories and transferable skills.  During my years I have taught from Year 2 to Year 8 and in many different roles. Muritai has been a school that has allowed me to grow as an educator, take risks, have fun, be creative and undertake further education.
Firstly I want to thank the children I have worked with and their whanau. It has been a privilege to work and learn alongside you. Thank you also to the whole teaching team, support staff and Jo and Carole.  You are an incredible team and such fun to work with. Muritai is so lucky to have such a great bunch of people. Thank you also to Andrew Bird and Bec Power for your guidance, belief in me and the opportunity to work in a new roles across the school. Lastly to the Board. I appreciate your understanding and thank you for this. You are a team working incredibly hard behind the scenes and you make a difference.
As a teacher I have always prided myself on getting to know the real child inside and out.  Crying with them and laughing with them. Respecting, getting on the same wave length and understanding their feelings has helped me to create special bonds and teach children in a safe environment. I like to see the bright things in life and have fun in the class. Positivity is infectious. My aim has been to light up a class when I have walked in, not out. A great teacher makes children want to learn.  I believe they need to uncover students’ hidden talents and passions, and help them believe they are capable of anything no matter what the test score might say. I have tried to be the person that would not give up on a child and insist that they are ‘the best they can be’.
Lastly, a message to the children. (You are the real reason I teach!)
*Have fun at school. Enjoy your friends and your teachers.
*You all learn in different ways.  You are unique.
*Don't ever let any test score tell you how good you are. No test can ever do that.
*It is O.K. to find something hard.  Find out what you are good at, have fun with it and go for it.
*If you make a mistake it is O.K.  Own it, learn from it and move on. Learning isn't always easy but it can be fun with the right attitude.
*Always be kind to yourself and others. Use your manners.  This will get you a long way in life and is so important. That little things you do can make a huge difference in your own and someone else’s life.
*There is nothing wrong with asking for help. I do it all the time. This is how we learn.
*Never be afraid to try something new.  That is when the cool stuff happens.
He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people”

Attitude - TVNZ Filming
Next week on Friday we have the TVNZ Attitude programme filming here at school.  They will be following one of our students around for the day, and are then following our student home after school to focus on his home life.  The programme they are filming is about anxiety, and Attitude want to capture the great strategies this student has.
If you would like your child to remain off camera (they may capture some wider playground shots,  and classroom shots in Room 15) please let me know by emailing
New Zealand Inside Stories
James Allcock, one of our students in year 5, has been involved in the 'New Zealand Inside Stories' project. In the movie below, he made a small appearance - and also got to meet the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the New Zealand Story launch this week! Wow James - what a great way to demonstrate being 'The best you can be'!
Check out the uplifting movie by clicking on the link below:

2019 at Muritai School
If you have a new entrant beginning at Muritai that we don't know about who is beginning this year or next year, or you have a student currently enrolled with us that will not be returning, please do let us know in the office asap, so that we can plan accurately for our classes and staffing for 2019. We would appreciate knowing your intentions as soon as you are aware, so that we can keep this in mind for our future classroom planning.

Have a great weekend all, enjoy this sunshine while it lasts!

Ngā mihi
Bec Power

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